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Logging into your website

1. Username and Password

After your purchase of SiteNinja website, you will receive an Email with your initial Login and Password.

3. Signing In

Your Admin URL is located at:

  • Under Construction: http://your-site.site-ninja1.com/admin
  • Live Website: http://your-site.com/admin

After providing your information, click the "Sign in" button to sign into your Site-Ninja Admin.

SiteNinja Admin Dashboard

1. Website Identification

SiteNinja displays your logo in the upper left side of the screen.

2. Visitor Traffic

SiteNinja tracks your daily, weekly and monthly traffic. To view more detailed traffic, click the Google Analytics link on the dashboard.

Google Analytics

All SiteNinja websites come with the ability to track visitor traffic with Google Analytics.  Click this link to view visitor stats on your website.

Google Webmail

If you have Google Application Email.  You can access your Webmail by going to http://www.gmail.com.  Enter your full Email address and password.  If you want to configure your Email with an Email application on your desktop, contact our Support staff at support@site-ninja.com

3. Admin Overview

Activity Overview

Here is where you can monitor and view updated pages and articles that have been added or editied on your site. You can click on these links to go directly to those pages.

Support Links

Here is where you can access important SiteNinja administrative links like post support and billing tickets. 

4. SiteNinja Updates

At the bottom of the Admin Dashboard you will see you most recent website update time stamp. This is helpful to track website updates.

SiteNinja Admin Toolbar

1. Admin Menu Bar 

You will see menu icons at the top of your screen. The number of menus will vary depending on what modules you have installed.  As long as you are logged in, you will see this menu. Your webiste visitors will NOT see your Admin menu.

2. Settings Gear 

Click this Gear to access your SiteNinja Admin Settings. Those settings include: layout settings, design settings, content settings, security settings and form settings.  SiteNinja seperates Content Management from Settings, so you will not need to visit setting very often, if ever.

Log Out

To log out of your SiteNinja Admin, click the Settings Gear icon and select "Sign Out".  You don't need to sign out everytime your edit your content.  If you stay signed in, the next time you visit your Admin site you will still be logged in.

Minimize Admin Menu 

When viewing your public website, you may want to minimize your Admin menu. Clicking the (-) minimize icon again restores the Admin menu.

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