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Adding Images to a Page or Post

1.) Click the Pages tab in your Admin toolbar to open your list of pages.

2.) Click the Image icon that is associated with your page or post.

3.) Click "Add images" to add a single featured photo to your post. (Click "Add multiple images" link to batch upload photos option is temporarily unavailable)

 ?   Make sure to create a space for your image in your body text before placing the image in your page or post.

3a.) Now that you have space, click "Attached image" to open the image select box.

4.) You can now select the image(s) you want to place in your post. The images need to be uploaded before placing them inside the page or post. 

 ?   The most common and recommended size of image is "Medium". Our "Medium" image size tag creates a stylized border inside of your page or post. 

 ?   After selecting the image size, your image will now be placed in your body and is represented by its "Ninja Tag"

 ?   You can preview your changes by reloading the preview frame with the "Quick reload" button

SiteNinja CMS saves every image into 7 individual files with the following sizes:

  1. icon - 12 pixels wide
  2. thumb - 48 pixels wide
  3. small - 150 pixels wide
  4. medium - 200 pixels wide
  5. slide - 550 pixels wide
  6. large - 658 pixels wide (550 pixels wide prior to 1/1/2015)
  7. wide_slide - 870 pixels wide
  8. Original - whatever the original size of the image uploaded


  • The height of the image is proportional to the width
  • icon, thumb and small image size will crop the height of your image
  • not all images sizes are availalbe to select from your image upload screen.  You can manually change your ninja tag to display other image sizes.  For Example:

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