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Tool Tips for PAGES:

You can do a lot within the Site-Ninja page creator tool set. Here are the main tools of the trade.

1.) Text Formatting:

With these tools you can designate the size and style of text in your body content. Change your titles to H1, change your text font and bold your text are all found here.

2.) Tools / Source Code

The "Tools" dropdown is the location of your "Source Code" which contains the direct HTML code of your page.

3.) Text Alignment

Here you can set or adjust the alignment of your body text. You can right, center or left justify, create bullet lists and set indentations from here.

4.) Links and Images

The "Link" icon and "Picture" icon will help place and link media you place within your body content. If you want to post a picture from a URL link, you can do so by clicking the "Picture" icon. If you want to make text linkable, highlight your desired text and click the "Link" icon to set a URL for your text. It is also a good idea to click on "Target" and choose "new window," if the link is to a URL outside your website.

5.) Site-Ninja Tags

Site-Ninja tags help insert complex media into your body content. Adding images, videos and maps are all set here.

6.) Preview Your Changes

With Site-Ninja you are able to work with an active web preview right next to your site editor. Simply click "Quick refresh" after making simple changes or select "Reload frame" for a more robust cache clearing preview.

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