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Adding New Pages

1) Click the Admin/Pages menu

How to Add a Page

2) Click Make a New Page menu

How to Add a Page

3) Enter Required Fields

How to Add a Page

Menu Title (required)

Make this a short title

Page Title (required)

Page Title is the most important place Google looks to index the keywords for the page, so enter a meaningful phrase that people search. This field also creates the URL for the page, also known as the Permalink. This title is not visible on the public page: it is a title for browsers to read, not for visitors to see on your website.


The URL for the page is considered the 2nd most important keyword area for Google.  After you save the page, for the 1st time, you can change the Page Title but you can never change the URL. If you want to change the URL for the page, you will need to create a new page.

Short Description

The is the META Tag description for the page, which is used by Google to index the page. This text will not be visible on the public page.

Enter up to 25 words, in sentence structure, to describe the content on the page.

If you are using the Homepage Featured Content Slideshow, the Short Description text is used in the Text Overlay description for this page.

4) Page Content


This is where you enter content you want visible on your website's public pages. Enter a Heading Title for every page (this is the title visible on your website page) and apply the "Heading 1" format by placing your blinking cursor anywhere in your Title and selecting "Heading 1" from the dropdown menu.  By doing this, you are telling Google these are the most important words on the page. Most often your Heading Title will or should match your Page Title. Heading Titles are very important to Google for indexing your page.

Format Heading Titles

SAVE page

click the SAVE PAGE button

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