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Adding Images to a Page or Post/Replacing Images

1.) Click the Pages tab in your Admin toolbar to open your list of pages.

Adding Images1

2.) Click the Image icon that is associated with your page or post.

Adding Images2

3.) Click "Add images" to add a featured photo to your post (upload images).

Adding Images3

3a.) Once image is uploaded Click on "Edit Your Page Name" to take you in to your page. Create a space (new paragraph) for your image in the body content with your cursor, then click "Attached image" to open the image select box.

Adding Images4

4.) You can now select the image(s) you want to place in your post. The images need to be uploaded before placing them inside the page or post. 

Adding Images3

  • The most common image size used is "Medium". Our "Medium" image size tag creates a stylized border inside of your page or post. 
  • The large image tag can be used to float an image right (>) or left (<) at 40% of column width size.

5.) After selecting the image size, your image will be placed in your body and represented by its "Ninja Tag." You can preview your changes by reloading the preview frame with the "Quick Refresh/Reload" buttons.

Adding Images6

6.) Don't forget to SAVE your work!!

7.) To REPLACE an image: return to step 3 and in your Manage Images page, click on an existing image's title and when the window pops open to edit it, click on "Choose File" and choose a new image from your computer to replace the old image with. The advantage of this is that the ninja tag is already in place in your page and will automatically call in your new image.

Make sure to replace an existing image in a page with an image that is exactly the same height and width if it matters that new image be exactly the same size in page.

**SiteNinja CMS saves every image you upload into 7 individual files with the following sizes:

  1. icon - 12 pixels wide
  2. thumb - 48 pixels wide
  3. small - 150 pixels wide
  4. medium - 200 pixels wide
  5. slide - 550 pixels wide
  6. large - 658 pixels wide (550 pixels wide prior to 1/1/2015)
  7. wide_slide - 870 pixels wide
  8. Original - whatever the original size of the image uploaded


  • The height of the image when resized stays proportional to the width
  • Icon, thumb and small image size will crop the height of your image -- these are mostly used by the CMS for display prposes
  • Not all images sizes listed above are available to select from your image upload screen.  You can manually change your ninja tag to display other image sizes: insert a medium image in your page, then replace "medium" in the tag with either "slide" or "wide_slide" to call in those image sizes.

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