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SiteNinja Billing and Support

Log into Support and Billing

To access your SiteNinja billing and support, go to  https://site-ninja-support.com/clientarea.php  . Log in with the provided information in your SiteNinja welcome email. Your Username will be your Email Address.

You are also provided with a link to reset your password.

Billing and Support Login

Understanding your Support and Billing portal

Billing and Support Login

1.) Your website support indicator. Make sure you are logged into the correct billing and support site by checking your website title.

2.) Here is your main navigation to access the important information. 

3.) Your SiteNinja website billing and support information is displayed directly on the home screen. You have easy access to your most recent support tickets and service invoices.

4.) Access other important information with Quick Links. Here you can access our in-depth SiteNinja support database, file a support ticket, and view your account info and statistics at a glance.

My Details

Billing and Support Login 3

1.) Quickly access important information for easy account manamgment. 

The My Details tab gives you access to all of your account information on file with SiteNinja. Here you have access to edit:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Address
  • Phone Number
  • Payment Information
  • Client Notes
  • Manage Contacts/Sub Contacts
  • Change Credit Card information
  • Change Password
  • Update Security Settings

My Services

The My Services tab shows you all active and inactive serivces being prodided to your website by SiteNinja.

Billing and Support Login 4

My Invoices

My Invoices tab lets you view a log of all your SiteNinja billed invoices archived by date issued and paid.

Billing and Support Login 6

My Emails

My Emails tab lets you view your entire support contact log. Here you can reference any response between your website and SiteNinja support.

Billing and Support Login 7

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