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Adding Google Maps to a Page or Post 

1.) Navigate to Google.com and in the Search Bar, enter in the address you wish to create a map of. Click open the map after the map has loaded on the page.

2.) At the bottom right of the Google Map page, click the "Settings Gear" icon. 

3.) Select "Share or embed map" link.

4.) Click the "Embed map" tab.

5.) Select the size of map you want to display in your page or post. You can choose between:

  • Small (400px)
  • Medium (600px)
  • Large (800px)
  • Custom Size

6.) After selecting the size of map you want, copy the iFrame code that appears.

7.) Navigate back to your Site-Ninja Admin dashboard "Pages" tab and select the page you want to add the map to.

8.) Create space in your body text to place the map.

9.) After creating an open space for the map, it's time to embed the map code to your page or post.

From your Page Creation Tools Panel, select "Tools" then "Source Code"

10.) Paste in the code you copied from Google Maps in step 6 and click "OK."

11.) Click "Save page" to finalize.

Your map will appear in your page or post and will be represented by a Grey Box indicating "media" is present (in this case, your map).

Adding a Mini Google Map to a Page or Post

To add a "Mini Map" to a page or post, navigate to the page or post you wish to edit.  The Map will always be 200 pixels wide and float to the right side of the page.

1.) Select "Map" from the Page Creation Tools Side Panel.

2.) Enter in the address you wish to create a Mini Map of.

3.) Click "Insert Map" to place the Mini Map at the top of your page.

Finalize by clicking the Save Page button at the bottom.

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