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To Create Private Groups and Private Pages

BACKGROUND: Any SiteNinja website can create Groups and allow people to Opt into a Group.

"Private Pages" is a module and must be installed into your website.  This features allow you to restrict access to pages in the site.  Only people in Groups you designate can see those page.  They will need to be given a login to see Private Pages.

  1. Create Private Groups
    1. Go to Admin/People 
    2. Click "View Groups" 
    3. Click "Create New Group" 
    4. Click checkbox for "Role Groups," if you have Private Pages installed in your website.
  2. Return to Admin/People
    1. Add New Person
    2. Enter "Login" field
    3. Enter Password Field "YourMadeUpPassword"
    4. Click the checkbox for the Group you defined in Step 1 above
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button UPDATE PROFILE.
  3. Create a Page that will have Privacy set for "YourMadeUpGroup"
    1. Go to Admin/Pages
    2. "Make a New Page"
    3. Click "Permissions" link on right
    4. Select "All those checked below"
    5. Select Groups "YourMadeUpGroup"
    6. Save Page
  4. Attach Documents to page
    1. Click Admin/Assets
    2. Enter Name of file to upload
    3. Click "Choose File" to local report on local computer
    4. Remember to remove all spaces from file names before uploading
    5. Close Assets windows by clicking the X in the upper right of the window
    6. Highlight Title of report in body of page
    7. Click the "Insert/Edit link" button in the Html editor
    8. from the "Link List" drop down, select your uploaded file
    9. from the "Target" drop down, select "Open in New Window"
    10. click Insert button
    11. Save Page

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