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Moderating Public Comments posted to Articles

Video is 5 minutes, 23 seconds.

Question: Can anyone post comments on Articles?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are comments immediately made public?
Answer: Yes

Question: Is anyone notified when comments are posted?
Answer: No

Question: Can I prevent 1 person from posting comments?
Answer: No

Question: Can I force people to register before posting comments?
Answer: No

Question: Are people allowed to post swear words?
Answer: There is a professional filter that grades each post to elimate posts that contain swear words.

Question: How can I delete or modify a comment?
Answer: Log in to your Admin. Go to the Article. Click the "Comments" icon to edit all comments.

Moderate Comments-1

Edit or Delete Comments:

Moderate Comments-2

Question: Can I turn comments off to prevent anyone from posting comments?
Answer: Yes.  

  1. From your Settings menu, select "Edit Settings"
  2. Click the "Blog" tab
  3. Click the checkbox to "Hide Blog Comments"
  4. If you want to place text above the Comments box on the public article, you enter that text on this screen.
Turning Comments Off

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