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Newsletter Module Support

1a. CREATE A NEWSLETTER: Allows you to create newsletters.

1b. GROUPS: Allows you to view the groups you can send newsletters to. More information on this category is in the People tutorial under Modules.

1c. VIEW EMAIL QUEUE: This is a leftover feature from older sites and no longer usable.

1d. NEWSLETTER SETTINGS: Allows you to change optional features for newsletters.

1e. All of your newsletters created will be in this area to go back to and edit or send out.

Newsletter 1a

1aa. If creating a newsletter, you can insert a title. The body works just as other pages do in terms of adding images, assets, and text. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save newsletter" to keep it.

Newsletter 1aa

2a. Click "Send this newsletter" to choose who to send it out to.

Newsletter 1bc

2b. The top of the page will be a preview of your newsletter. The bottom will allow you to choose the groups of people you would like to send your newsletter out to.

Newsletter 1da

NOTE: You cannot pick individuals, you must pick groups. To create groups please go to the People tutorial under Modules.

1da. Click "Newsletter settings" to go to the settings.

Newsletter 1db

1db. You will be brought to the Settings module. Click the "Newsletter" tab.

You can upload a logo for all of your newsletters by clicking "Choose File"; or adding footer text by using the same text editor used for pages and newsletters.

Newsletter 2a

1dc. You can also add a title for your sign-up box for your newsletter as well as a description for the sign-up box. This will show up in the side column.

Newsletter 2b

Click "Save settings" to keep the newsletter settings.

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