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Creating Content

There are multiple ways to put content into your website.  Here we discuss where is the best place to add your content.  The goal is to make adding content easy and to use a module that best Search Engine Optimizes your content for the best Google Search Results.

When to use a Page?

Pages are best used for static content, like Services or About page.  It is not intended for use with constantly changing content, like Events, Articles or Directory Listing.  Content that has a date associated with it is susually not good content for Pages.  Date sensitive content should be in the Blog or Events sytem.

An Example: If you have one Event per year, then you don't need an Event system, you can use a page.  If you have multiple events then you should consider the Events Module. The events module will preformat your content, where Pages will not.

When to use the Blog?

A Blog is used to showcase more fluid content. A Blog is a great tool to quickly release information to your users that is then archived for a later reference. Blogs are mostly used to share time sensitive information.

When to use the Directory module?

The Directory module should be used when trying to gather large amount of person or place specific data to be displayed on your site. An example use of the Directory module would be a staff directory.

When to use Events Module?

The Events module is the tool you use to create and display a page about your event on your website. The Events module creates a page with a Google Map location, time stamp for the event, and a body area to fill in event details with video, images, and text.

When to use the Image Gallery?

Use the Image Gallery when you want to create a collection of images to be used through out your website. If your websites includes a portfolio, using Image Galleries will help you create, manage and impliment your images effectivly on your website.

When to use the Product Catalog module?

Use the Product Catalog to display a simple buying experience for your users directly on your site. The Product Cataog should only be used for a small amount of products.

When to use the Testimonial Module?

Use the Testimonials module to help display important imforation around your site in a stylized appearence. This is a great tool to use inconjuntion with pages and product pages.

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