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Adding New Pages

You may want to add a new page of content to the main menu, submenu or footer of the website.  All that can be accomplished in the "Pages" feature found in the blue admin bar.  

1) Click the Admin/Pages menu

How to Add a Page

2) Click Make a New Page menu

How to Add a Page

3) Enter Required Fields

These days SEO is on everyone's mind.  When creating a new page, the Menu Title, Page Title , Short Description and Heading fields are the most important if you're wanting to boost the page's presence on the internet.  If that is not important to you, than skip to Menu Title.

Google looks for specific keywords on your website page in order to index it in their directory. A good keyword phrase can take a page listed deep in Google's directory to the top.

Here's an example of good SEO. If the page you were creating was about ant control and you were an eco-friendly pest exterminator servicing the Santa Barbara area,

  • The Menu Title would be, Ant Control. 
  • The Page Title would be, "Ant Control Santa Barbara Best Exterminator Eco-Friendly".
  • The Short Description would be, Pete's Pests uses safe, eco-friendly non-toxic sprays to get rid of Santa Barbara's ant control problems.
  • Heading Title 1 (In the Body) would be, Ant Control
How to Add a Page

ENTER the Menu Title (required)

Enter a title for the page. You want to make the title short. This will be visible in the main navigation.

ENTER Page Title (required)

Page Title is the most important place Google looks to index keywords for a page and also creates the permalink or page address. Enter keywords that best described the services of this page. This title is visible in the page's URL.

4) Page Content


This is where you enter content you want visible in the main body of the website's public page. Any text, images, tables, forms, etc...can be entered in the Body The Side Column (if your page has one), and all its content is added to Layouts, not Pages

First place your cursor at the top of the page and enter a Heading Title. This should be the same text as the Page Title. Apply the "Heading 1" format by placing your blinking cursor anywhere in your Title.  Then,

a. SELECT Formats
b. SELECT Headers
c. SELECT Header 1

By doing this, you are telling Google these are the most important words on the page. Heading Titles are very important to Google for indexing your page.

Format Heading Titles

SAVE page

click the SAVE PAGE button

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