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Adding Slideshows and Imageboxes to your Pages


  1. This page assumes you already know how to Add Images to your Page.
  2. Slideshows and Imageboxes are good ways to display multiple images on a page.
  3. The "Pages" slideshow is different from the Homepage Slideshow.

Step #1 - Attach all images you want in the slideshow to your page

  1. How to Add Images to your Page.
  2. Make sure the Images you have added are at least the width of the body of your page.  The default width is 550 pixels

Step #2 - Go to the Edit screen of your slidshow page

Go to the Edit Screen where you want to place your slideshow

Step #3 - Create a Blank Row for the slideshow

Add a blank row to place your slideshow

Step #4 - Click "Ninja Tags" link

#4 Click Ninja Tag linkClick Ninja Tag link

Step #5 - Select Slideshow

#5 Click Slideshow or Imagebox#5 Click Slideshow or Imagebox

Step #6 - View the Ninja Tag and Save the page

View the Ninja Tag and Save the pageView the Ninja Tag and Save the page

Step #7 - View Slideshow on public page

  1. If the images does not fill the with of the slideshow, then you need to upload an image that has the same height and width as the slideshow.  The default height and width are 300 pixels X 550 pixels.  To change the height and width of an image will require a photo editing program.

View the Slideshow on the public pageView the Slideshow on the public page

Step #8 - Limiting Which Attached Images are in the Slideshow

  1. Sometimes you have an image attached to the page that you do not want in your slideshow.  To remove that image from the slideshow, go to the Image Upload page for that image, and uncheck the checkbox titled "Show in Slideshow"

08 - Select Slideshow Images08 - Select Slideshow Images

Step #9 - What is a Text Overlay?

  1. A Text Overlay is Text that displays over the image in the slideshow. The text will have a shaded background.  The text can be hidden or positioned at the bottom, top, left side or right side of your image.

09 - What is the Text Overlay09 - What is the Text Overlay

Step #10 - Add or Remove the Text Overlay

  1. To manage the Text Overlay position, go to the image upload screen for your image.  Under the Additional Options section, click the dropdown list titled "Slidehsow Overlay Position", and select to hide or where to position your Text Overlay.

Step #10 - Add or Remove the Text OverlayStep #10 - Add or Remove the Text Overlay

Other Options

  1. Managing the Featured Content Homepage Slideshow is different than the slideshow on all other pages.

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