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Linking Text and Photos

  1. Linking Text:

    1. Highligh your text.
    2. Click the "Insert Link" icon in the Html editor
    3. Paste or type the URL of the page you want to link.  
      1. If you are linking to a page outside your site, type the full URL, http://www.cnn.com.
      2. If you are linking to a page within your site, only use the portion of the URL after your full domain name.  For example the Contact Us page of your site has a URL of http://www.yourdomain.com/inquire.  You would only use "/inquire" in the Linked field.
      3. If you want the linked page to open in the current browser window, you don't need to change any settings.
      4. If you want your linked page to open a NEW browser window, then from the "Target" field, select "Open in New Window".
      5. NOTE: it is considered more User-friendly to not force links to open new browser windows.  Current trend is to let the visitor decide if they want to right-click on the link and open in a new Tab window or new Browser window.
      6. Save the link window
  2. Linking Photos:

    1. You cannot link photos attached to a page, because clicking on a photo is reserved to pop-up a larger view of the photo.
    2. You can link the Caption Text shown under the small and medium size photos.  here are the instructions:
      1. Follow the steps for Linking Text (see above)
      2. We will use the example of linking to the Contact Us page of the site
      3. You must copy the Html text that caused the link and paste it into the Caption field of the image.  To do this, click the HTML button on the Editor
      4. Find the text that looks like this, <a href="/inquire">Contact Us</a>
      5. Go to the Image Edit screen and place <a href="/inquire">Contact Us</a> in the Caption field for the image
      6. Save the image
      7. Go to the public page where a small or medium size image is dipslayed
      8. Click the Caption link to visit the Contact Us page

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