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Video Galleries


Every page in SiteNinja CMS has an attached image gallery, but the Image-Video Gallery module is dedicated solely to managing images and videos. This module is ideal for managing portfolios of your images, art or videos.

Step #1 - Go To Gallery

  1. Click the "Galleries" or "Images" Admin menu.
  2. Click the "Make a New Gallery" link.

Select Image-Video Gallery01 Select Image-Video Gallery

Step #2 - Create Gallery

  1. Title: Enter a brief Title.
  2. Description: For your use only.  Will not display on public site
  3. Body: Entering content here will change the public gallery view from thumbnails in the middle of the page to thumbnails in the right side column.  Text in this field will be displayed in the body of the page.
  4. Hide this gallery: will hide the gallery from the public site
  5. Show as slideshow: will display the gallery as a large slideshow with thumbnail images under the slideshow

Create Image-Video Gallery

Step #3 - Add First Video

Add First Image or Video03 Add First Image or Video

Step #4 - Enter Image or Video Information

  1. Alt Title: This is a required field. It is used by Search Engines to index words describing the image or video.  Try to use keyword phrases to optimize your image or video
  2. Image: Click the Choose File button to select the image from your computer.  If you are managing videos, this image will be used as the thumbnail image to represent the video.
  3. Video url: Go to the page on youtube.com or vimeo.com where your video is playing.  Copy the full URL of that page and paste it here.
  4. Description: You can leave this blank.  If you fill it in, the content will be displayed under your image or video on the public view of the image or video
  5. Additional Options: you do not need to set any options to add images or videos in the Gallery

Enter Image or Video Information04 Enter Image or Video Information

Step #5 - Add More Videos

Add More Images or Videos

Step #5a - Feature your Gallery

  1. Click the Admin/Galleries menu so see the screen below
  2. Adding More Images: click the image icon to add more images/videos
  3. Homepage Slideshow: to feature your gallery in the homepage slideshow, click the red star icon.  When it turns green, the gallery will be featured in the homepage slideshow
  4. Add to Menus: you can add your gallery to the main menu of the site by clicking the link icon

Feature Your Image-Video Gallery

Step #6 - View All Galleries on the Public Site

  1. Go to the Gallery page of your public site
  2. Click the Galley you want to view.  NOTE: the 1st image in your gallery represents the image for the entire Gallery.

View all Galleries

Step #7 - View All Images in Gallery

  1. Click any image to view a detail page for that image or video

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