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Online Product Catalog

Does not include payment processing

(Contact us to inquire about adding a third-party shopping cart to your site)

Features include:

  1. The ability to add PayPal Buy Buttons for each product
  2. Assign product to multiple categories
  3. Each Category page has its own Html Editor where you can insert text, images or video do describe the category
  4. Categories are displayed as left column menus
  5. Clicking on a category will expose all sub-categories under the parent category. Only the parent category selected displays its sub-categories. All other sub-categories are clasped until its parent category is selected.
  6. Add unlimited products
  7. Each product can have unlimited photos attached, which get displayed as an image-box on the product detail page. Clicking on any image will display a pop-up slide show of all attached images.
  8. Each product has a Retail and Sale price. If the items is on sale the Retail price is shown with a red line through it with the Sale price close by.
  9. Each product has a SKU number or product number
  10.  There is an optional SIZE text field, where you can enter any content, such as “S, M, L, XL”. At this time the product catalog does not display the SIZE options as a radio button or drop down list, and does not track individual SIZE options through the Ameravant checkout system. Many 3rd party checkout systems will offer this on the checkout screens.
  11. Each product has a full html description
  12. Every product can have unlimited “Related Products”. Related Products are other products in the Product Catalog that will be displayed at the bottom of the main product page. Clicking any related product will make that product the main product on the screen.
  13. Featured Products – Any product can be Featured in the right side column on the home page of the website by simply clicking the Featured checkbox on the product page. Multiple Featured Products are randomly displayed each time the home page is refreshed.
  14. Homepage Featured Content Slideshow – If the module called “Featured Content Slideshow” is purchases, images of products can also be featured in a slide show on the home page.
  15. Products can be purchased via 3rd party checkout systems like Google Checkout, PayPal, 1Shoppingcart.com, etc. 
  16. Cost to customize layout or style of the Product Catalog is not included in the cost of the system, and is quoted separately based on the desires of each client

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